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Hey dude, I was wondering if you would you like to try may game :

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i love it wish if it has more events but Iam waiting for next part. 

Games like these are what I TRULY enjoy, short, and hilarious!

Hi why dont you check this video out :)

SQUIDWARD IS BACK FOR MORE...Click and find out what happens...

I hope we can get an expanded map because more areas would be amazing!

If im being completely honest it could definitely use some polish, BUT i do love the ideas thrown in here and the map is great considering how hard it is to find spongebob models. I REALLY wanna see you come back to this and polish it off Adam. Great Job :)

Good short sponge bob game.

squidward is on something AGAIN!

I will get you Squidward.

I love the customer at the krabby patty lol

I'm new to YouTube and it would help a lot if you leave a like or subscribe if you like the content, also you can request a game by leaving a comment!

fix graphic setting please

10/10!!! How is Squidward murdering everyone and chasing me but did not murder the peaceful customer eating a Krabby patty? Wait, who served the customer a Krabby patty?

hey will some one give a tut on how to downlaod the game im having  a hard time doanloding it

just click the download button and let it download and unzip the file

Definitely sets a mood! I like how you built out pretty much the entire town. Couldn't find the password though, I did notice a bunch of pl,aces saying "Press e to open" but I couldn't figure out what I needed to open...

Spooky game. Hunting for that password was hell on earth though xD

Shorter than I expected but still fun.

Great game ! Wish there was more! other than that great work Adam.

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Squidward KILLED MY BEST FRIEND! - Squidward's Shadow


Adam. Great game. I like how you used the original Battle for Bikini Bottom layout for the map, very good detail there!

For your first game, this was amazing Adam! You captured the essence of how psycho Squidward can be. Really looking forward to what you end up creating next!

i love it lol Thanks Adam

More more more games 😍

Even though the game isn't flawless I really enjoyed my time with it, I can see that a lot of effort was put into it!

Needs a lot of work

MORE SQUIDWARD HORROR GAMES! This game I have no words. This game is insane and putted a lot of effort to it. Anyways, Good Job on making this game and keep it up man.

I actually enjoyed this one alot!  Gave a tiny review at the end as well! 

Love Spongebob horror. This was so creepy. Great work! 

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I hope this game doesn't have the fate of sinister squidward

Loving this series!

This was a really good game! I had fun playing. I did encounter a bug where when I made it to the final door it took me outside of the map. Other then that this was fun! Good job! 

Another great edition to the spongebob saga. Great creation and fun to play! 

nice game but the endig make me angry haha

but still this is very fun to play it

I added subtitles and sound effects to a lot of the Gameplay, other than the game missing those things I thought it was pretty good!

You gotta pity Squidward. He went insane and never recovered. But big props for letting the players explore Bikini Bottom. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

I included your game in my video - 

that thumbnail looks alot like Rinbash's content. I get that the game itself is inspired by Rinbash's game Sinister Squidward, but even the thumbnail too?

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