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Spooky game. Hunting for that password was hell on earth though xD

Shorter than I expected but still fun.

Great game ! Wish there was more! other than that great work Adam.

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Squidward KILLED MY BEST FRIEND! - Squidward's Shadow


Adam. Great game. I like how you used the original Battle for Bikini Bottom layout for the map, very good detail there!

For your first game, this was amazing Adam! You captured the essence of how psycho Squidward can be. Really looking forward to what you end up creating next!

i love it lol Thanks Adam

More more more games 😍

Even though the game isn't flawless I really enjoyed my time with it, I can see that a lot of effort was put into it!

Needs a lot of work

MORE SQUIDWARD HORROR GAMES! This game I have no words. This game is insane and putted a lot of effort to it. Anyways, Good Job on making this game and keep it up man.

I actually enjoyed this one alot!  Gave a tiny review at the end as well! 

Love Spongebob horror. This was so creepy. Great work! 

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I hope this game doesn't have the fate of sinister squidward

Loving this series!

This was a really good game! I had fun playing. I did encounter a bug where when I made it to the final door it took me outside of the map. Other then that this was fun! Good job! 

Another great edition to the spongebob saga. Great creation and fun to play! 

nice game but the endig make me angry haha

but still this is very fun to play it

I added subtitles and sound effects to a lot of the Gameplay, other than the game missing those things I thought it was pretty good!

You gotta pity Squidward. He went insane and never recovered. But big props for letting the players explore Bikini Bottom. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

I included your game in my video - 

that thumbnail looks alot like Rinbash's content. I get that the game itself is inspired by Rinbash's game Sinister Squidward, but even the thumbnail too?

love your game thank you :)


juegazo con muchos guiños, me encantó


Pretty neat fan game! one thing this one does differently that I really liked was letting you explore Bikini Bottom. Keep up the good work & I would love to see an expansion on this where the rest of the town is used!


Really thought this has alot of potential loved the fact that you rather recreated or bought the assets for bikini bottom the version from battle of bikini bottom that was a cool little touch, i think this could of been so much more than what is was though, the fact you made a fully explorable map you could of set it in multiple locations like the after the krusty krab them go to chum bucket, then sandy's dome etc but it was all set in the krusty krab i felt there was alot of missed opportunity there, also the lack of sound like not even footsteps bugged me but apart from that i really enjoyed this and i hope that more gets added to this or there be a second game with more explorable locations that would be so cool! 

gameplay above hope you enjoy!

Great game! Looks like there’s lot of potential for there to be more! Keep up the good work, man! 10/10

I thought this was pretty decent! Not bad for your first game! Some use of sound effects and ambience within The Krusty Krab and Basement would go a long way with this! Ending happened too suddenly too and I was left in confusion. Love the detail to Bikini Bottom and Squidward was HORRIFYING! Worth the play for Spongebob Fanatics!


 cool game

There are some bugs and also add some sound effect for picking keys, footsteps and non copyright music in the game. 3/5

This game is good! My only advice is to add more backround music (I edited some in) as it got really quiet in the game

I added some (:

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I haven't gotten to play the game since the settings tab is broken (I cant change the resolution)


I would greatly appreciate it if you could fix this problem.



Nice game!

Loved it!

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